Al Volz

From Beechmont Squares

We think you may find in all our older dancers that they probably share in common a high degree of physical activity, as well as a high degree of sociability. This describes Al volz, age 90, and his wife, Betty. It would be impossible to write about Al without including Betty, since they have been together 64 years.

AlVolzAl was an electrician all his life, spending 35 years alone with U.S. Playing Card Company. He was an amphibian engineer in the army. Fortunately for him, and for us as well, while stationed in Japan he was given an assignment at a shore company. Al met Betty when he was 25, she 19. These were the days when parents signed for their children under the age of 21 to be married. They are both from Cincinnati. They have eight children, and if that doesn’t keep you busy enough, they found time all their married life for many vacations with friends, owning a home in Michigan, cruises to Hawaii and Bermuda, and 11 years of motor home vacations.

Betty & Al took up tennis when they were in their 60’s to be with friends. Betty awaits her training to be a volunteer at Mercy Hospital, after finishing computer lessons years ago. They both enjoy playing golf, and Square and Round dancing is one of Al & Betty’s favorite forms of physical activity.

Since Al & Betty started square dancing in 1978, they have never dropped out as members of Beechmont Squares. They remember the days when class sizes were 100 students and dance halls were packed. It is said that Square Dancing is “Friendship Put to Music,” and Al & Betty still remain friends with people they met in square dance lessons. Theirfond memories of square dancing include the days when square dancers planned so many dance trips to Clifty Falls, Indiana for the Sweetheart Dance; dance trips to Carollton Inn; three day dance weekends at King’s Island; and boat ride dances. They have enjoyed banner raid trips from Lexington and Maysville, KY to as far away as Tennessee. Of course it goes without saying that Al & Betty have gone to over 100 banner raids for Beechmont Squares, which they consider their home club. Through the years, they have actively promoted square dancing by participating in numerous parades and demonstrations. In 1980 Betty and Al served as vice-presidents for Beechmont Squares. They were also long and active members in Frontier Squares, Vagabonds and Buttons & Bows. As camping was already a favorite family vacation style, Betty and Al have gone on years of motor home camping trips with vagabonds.

Both Al and Betty have recently been inactive dancers due to health issues, but still remain loyal members of the dance community. If you have any doubts the love they have for life, you have only to look at theirfaces as they reminisce. That alone will tell you everything you want to know.