Lil Smith

From River Squares

In June 1964, Dick Trader started a class at the home of Norb & Marge Knue. Lil Smith was a member of that first class that graduated in 1965 and is still dancing 46 years later. She dearly loves to dance and would dance even at night. Lil is sharp, attractive and fun to be around. Her kids say that since she went back to dancing, they have to make an
appointment to see her.

LilSmithLil is a member of River Squares, Butler Squares and Henry Ford Squares. She supports River/Butler Square’s lessons as an “Angel” on Thursday nights and is actively taking Advanced Lessons with Jim Cox. She also round dances with Carol Schappacher between square dance tips. At a dance, you never see Lil sitting very much.

Lucky for us, she loves to bake and brings goodies to all the dances, which are mostly gone when the night is over. Lil also helps out by keeping the supplies furnished for dances. She enjoys canning relish, salsa and whatever else she can get her hands on.

Lil lamented that years ago her husband decided to quit dancing for no reason, and when he died she went right back to it. As she says “it done me good and I dearly love it. The people are nice and they tell me that I look good for 85.” A person who should remain anonymous said “l’d like to look that good and have her energy at 85.” I responded, “We don’t have that energy now!” Lil Smith is obviously an inspiration to all of us.