Message from the President

I saw a motto that I really liked and thought we could adapt it to our activity. The motto was “Community is not about where you live but how you live with other people.” Let’s apply that to square dancing. “Square dancing is not about where you dance, but how you dance with other people.” Can we all start thinking like that?

Instead of separating ourselves into clubs and cliques, let’s just think about people we dance with. Let’s be happy that people are learning to dance, wherever they are. Let’s enjoy the friendship and fellowship and community that we have with other dancers, wherever they might be. We all have so much in common and when we are in a square, we have 7 other people to work together with and 7 other people with the same goal. And when we’re in a group of squares, we have many more people to cooperate with, have fun with and share the same goal. Can we focus on that?

So, in our community of dancers, let’s not think about where we are but who we are dancing with and how we are coming together with a common goal. Let’s be thankful for all dancers – whether in our club, our community, our state, our country, or our world. This is a community we can all support.