Monthly Archives: October 2018

Message from the President

Can you believe it’s October already and we are into fall. I’m not sure how summer can seem to fly by in a flash, but it always does. But with some of the summer outdoor activities behind us, it’s a great time to get back to more time on the dance floor. All the clubs have fun and exciting dances just waiting for you to go to. Many clubs have started or will be starting new dancer classes and you can all be helpful by becoming angels
at the classes. If you haven’t tried it before, you may be surprised at how rewarding it is. The new dancers appreciate it and the callers also.

If you haven’t thought about some of the conventions coming up next year, now is a good time to do that (and beat the rush!). The 2019 Ohio Dance Convention—Dance To The Moon and Back!–will be May 3, 4 & 5 at he Bertram Inn in Aurora, Ohio. It’s a great location with hotel rooms, convention rooms and a restaurant all under one roof, and free parking! There will be all levels of square dancing and round dancing; two tours offered, and of course vendors. And for the first time, there is on-line registration available, so that you don’t have to print out a form and send it in and worry about the information being misread or lost. Just go to to register for the dance and tours and for a link to the hotel rooms.

The 69 th National Square Dance Convention is being held in Marietta, Georgia, June 26-29, 2019. Marietta is 15 miles northwest of Atlanta, a very convenient location for all Greater Cincinnati Dancers—according to Mapquest, about 7 hours away. There are several convention hotels available and anyone staying at one of the convention hotels or RV Park will receive FREE PARKING at the hotels and convention center. What a savings that will be! Of course, there’s a variety of tours, special events, programs, and other activities offered, and many other sightseeing opportunities available for individual exploration. Go to for registration, information, and answers to all your questions.

Something to think about:

It’s amazing the great people I have in my life that I wouldn’t have ever met if it wasn’t for DANCING.

What really amazes me is that I might have been dancing with someone for years and never learned much about them; then one day I have a chance to actually sit down and talk to them and find out how interesting and wonderful they really are. So next time you’re at a dance, take time to talk to someone you have danced with but never got to know. I guarantee that you will be surprised and delighted by what you learn.

Jane Jones
President, Greater Cincinnati Dance Federation