Monthly Archives: March 2021

Message from the President

It has certainly been a strange year.  A year ago, we all thought we would not be dancing for a few weeks and then we would be back to normal. Even that was hard to think about at the time.  We had no idea it would be more than a year, and I am glad we didn’t know.  It would have been almost impossible for us to fathom. But here we are, a year later and we are just now starting to talk about when we can begin meeting again on the dance floor.  As of now, no Greater Cincinnati clubs are dancing but several hope to start in the next few weeks or next few months.  We will update our website with our club information when we start having dances.

We have lost a few dancers this year in the Cincinnati area, due to Covid and other issues.  And we have had others who have been very ill with Covid.  It has certainly been a hard year.  But we have all found many joys in life also, in slowing down, having more time to spend with our family, finding strength in ourselves that we didn’t know we had.  I hope that we will remember some of the good things about the year and that we will appreciate even more the good times we have with our friends on the dance floor.

Meanwhile, please look at the “Events” page and “Links” page for information on upcoming dance conventions and other helpful information.

Many hugs and best wishes for all of you,

Jane Jones