Message from the President

November 2021

It will soon be holiday time and I hope that everyone will be able to spend time with families and loved ones this year. So many of us missed that last year. Though the coronavirus is still with us, life is starting to get back to what we have been looking forward to for many months.

I am very happy to report that all the clubs in the Federation have returned to dancing. Some have been running on modified schedules since June, but as of the new year, I believe that all the clubs will be back to their regular schedules. If you need any information about upcoming dances, please check out the “Clubs” tab and it will tell you when and where each club dances and lists contact information. You can also check out the “Calendar” tab which will give you a daily, weekly, or monthly view of which clubs are dancing on each day.

I hope all our local dancers will consider going to the state and national conventions next year. The state convention is sponsored by the Akron Federation and is being held in Aurora, Ohio at the Bertram Inn on May 6th & 7th, 2022. It’s a great place for a convention because all the hotel rooms and dance halls and restaurants are under one roof. You can go there and park and dance all day and evening without having to leave the property.

The national square dance convention will be in Evansville, Indiana, on June 22nd – 25th, 2022. It is a great opportunity for our area dancers to attend a national convention because it’s only about a 3½ hour drive from anywhere in the area. All the dance and education events are in the convention center with many hotels located in the area. The hotels are reasonably priced and there is FREE parking around the convention center, so you don’t have to buy a bus pass or pay for parking.

For more information about these conventions, click on the “Events” tab or “Links” tab which will give you links directly to the websites. You can register for either one or both on their websites and you can sign up for tours, special dinners and educational opportunities at the same time or later. No more filling out papers, finding stamps & envelopes and depending on the post office to get your registration there!

I hope you all have great holidays and family time and also some great dancing over the next couple months!

Jane Jones