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Marianne King on the closing of Village Squares

Won’t you save the last dance for me,
Together one more time,
Remembering all of our best memories,
When square dancing was in its prime.

Can I take your hand once again in mine?
As we promenade round the room,
Stepping together, joyfully in time,
Sadly, the dance is over too soon.

For twenty-nine years, we were all here,
As you called your heart away,
And the love and good cheer was perfectly clear,
From Estil and Betty Faye.

Although we tried to celebrate,
Our beginning and our end,
The time will never be too late
To say good-by to good friends.

So, with a toast and a tear we bid you good-bye,
And for sure there’ll not be any dry eyes,
As the sun sadly sets, The Village now ends,
Happy Trails to You, Till we Meet Again.

Caller Gene Record and Ginny

The story goes that back in 1963, a few years after Gene & Ginny were married, Gene asked Ginny if she wanted to take scuba-diving lessons. But Ginny had signed them up for square dancing lessons earlier that same day. What a wonderful happen-stance for all of us.

Gene & Ginny graduated from their square dance lessons in the Spring of 1964 and they have never looked back. Gene started his calling career in 1966 and last year he received his 50-year calling certificate from CallerLab.

At first, Gene taught as guest caller for 4 or 5 years at various clubs in the area. In 1971 he was encouraged to establish and call for a new club, Tandem Squares, and continues to call for them. In fact, Tandem Squares is the oldest club in the United States that has had the same continuous caller. In 1975 he began calling for Wheeler Dealers in Lebanon, Ohio, and is still calling for them. In 1988, he became the caller for Kentucky Kuzzins, taking over from caller Bob Duffey, with the promise to continue it as a Mainstream Club. He has kept that promise and still calls for them. In 1991, Gene took over the calling at Beechmont Squares. Besides those four clubs, he calls for Hexagon Squares, and a DBD Workshop. For all of their 70 years of marriage, Ginny has always been at his side and is still always willing to fill in as a dancer if a square is short one person–either man or woman.

Gene has called for many demos and parties over the years. He has taught lessons for many years at Kentucky Kuzzins and Beechmont Squares. He has volunteered his time calling for the Ronald McDonald House Benefit Dance, numerous Federation Honor Dances and many other benefit dances.

Gene & Ginny have been President of the Greater Cincinnati Callers & Teachers Association twice. They have attended at least 32 Ohio State Conventions and 12 National Conventions.

Gene & Ginny celebrate their 70th Anniversary at Tandem Squares dance on January 19, 2018.

In 1982, he was instrumental in the purchase of Promenade Palace in Latonia, Kentucky, which was home to several square dance clubs and has held countless square dances over the years. Sadly, he also saw the closure and selling of the Palace a couple years ago.

But nothing has ever dampened Gene & Ginny’s love and enthusiasm for square dancing and their love of teaching others the art of square dancing. It would probably take a book to record all that Gene & Ginny have done for square dancing. In fact, I think that would be a wonderful idea for them to do (in their spare time)! What a story they would have to tell!



A person who offers to do something without being forced, or without getting paid to do it.

One who willingly gives of one self’s time, talent and tears for someone or something else. Bet this has a familiar sound to you, and what kind of world would we live in without people who volunteer.

The next time you go to a dance, a special weekend, a State Convention or National Convention, take a minute to say thank you to the people who give so much of themselves so you can have a great time. Our National Conventions are planned over a 4 year period and with thousands of hours given with so much love by people who are happy to give of themselves.

Every now and then it is vitally important to remember that nothing happens without our volunteers.

Who else will angel our student classes, who else will set up and take down our decorations, who else will make that special cupcake because your birthday is a reason for all of us to celebrate. Who Else?

There’s a lot to say about being a Leader, a Mentor, a person who takes charge and goes gung ho to get it done, God Bless our take charge people for theirs is the satisfaction seeing it thru and their experience & knowledge is priceless.

Let’s not forget the unsung heroes of our dance communities.
God Bless our behind the scene people who enjoy working in a team environment but shun the limelight, for theirs is pride of participation.

Where we would be without the countless hours of talented & dedicated Callers , Cuers & Dance Leaders offer… without compensation…. to our Federations, Councils, State & National Conventions. We ask of them not every once in a while, but time after time, over and over, year in and year out.

What joy there is dancing to the beautiful music and the magical voices of our talented Callers, Cuers & Dance Leaders. God Bless all of our them for theirs is a bright and beautiful noise.

We are a unique group. Who else knows of the magic eight people share within a square, or two partners holding each other while dancing to a beautiful rhythm experience. No one else knows the joy of movement, hand over hand, breathing life into a song swinging, swaying and strutting with style. Oh, what joy it is to dance.

Come Dance With Me and Be My Friend.

Marianne King